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Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd.
Hillriver Ltd.
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India Exposition Mart Ltd.
Indocopters Private Limited
Kamaz Vectra Motors Ltd.
Tanax a.s
Tatra a.s.
Vectra Advanced Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Vectra Engineering a.s.
Vectra Glosec Pvt. Ltd.
Vectra Investments Pvt. Ltd.
Vectra IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Vectra Limited

About Vectra Limited
Vectra Limited is a U.K. incorporated company and our flagship company. It is primarily an investment vehicle for the group through which projects and their acquisitions are financed..

36 Paradise Road
Surrey TW9 1SE
Ph: +44 208 948 2965
Fax: +44 208 948 2974

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