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Fast Facts

  • Engine - KOEL 4R 1040T

  • Transmission - Turner

  • Axles - Carraro

  • Cylinders - Wipro

  • Hydraulics - Pumps - Parker
                      Valve Blocks - Husco

More than just a Hole Digger it's a versatile workhorse

The TX 760 Backhoe Loader is the most versatile machine on site, whether digging, loading or carrying, the machine can accommodate many roles. Not only does the Backhoe Loader offer incomparable power but also has the ability to power a range of attachments.

An Overview

The TX 760 Backhoe Loader comes equipped with a highly efficient engine along with a state-of-the-art transmission system to ensure a high-octane output with greater fuel efficiency. The ergonomically designed driver's cabin provides a world of comfort in addition to every function, which is accessible at the touch of a button. These machines employ radical material and manufacturing techniques to increase strength whilst reducing weight in key areas of the machine.
The use of the latest CAD product design system allows our designers to test and model new product enhancements quickly and ensure the machines are always reliable and will provide our customers great value for money. In addition to that, the most hi-tech system of axles, brakes, electrics and hydraulics make the TX 760 Backhoe Loader an innovation designed to plough through the hindrances of your business and to take on the toughest Indian conditions.



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