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Hemang Specification
Make and Model TATRA T3 B 928 - 10, 12667cc, air intercooled, turbocharged, 8 cylinder V 90°
Max. Power 230 kW (308 hp) @ 2000 rpm
Max. Torque 1300 Nm @ 1300 rpm
Emission Euro I compliant
Single plate clutch with diaphragm spring, hydraulic, control with pneumatic boost.
10 forward and 2 reverse gear box, synchromesh with one speed transfer gear box.
Front Swinging half axles
Rear Swinging half axles
Driving System
Rear tandem axle drive with lockable axle and interaxle differentials. Engageable front wheel drive for 6x6 - optional.
Wheels and Tyres
12.00 x 24 - 18 PR on 8.50 x 24 rims. Unified lug pattern, single in front, dual fitment at rear.
Monoblock, ZF, Right hand side, full hydraulic power steering.
Service Brake Pneumatic, dual circuit air operated, spring released, Self-adjusting Wedge brakes
Parking Brake Pneumatic, air released, spring applied, hand control, Self adjusting Wedge brakes
Exhaust Brake Acting on the engine exhaust - automatic
Performance Characteristics
Max. Speed km/h 60
Max. Gradient° 20° @ 43000kg of GVW
Outer turning diameter, m
19.5 +/-0.5m
Dumper Performance
Pump parameters HYVA Gear Pump, 240 bar 108cc/ rev 156 lpm @ 2000 rpm with 1:1 PTO
Tilting cylinder 5 - stage telescopic cylinder, Underbody
Dumping angle Max. 55°
Dumping time 18 seconds

Wheel Base, mm

3700 + 1450 Standard version
4090 + 1450 For coal carrier variant
Suspension System
Front Torsion bars with twin telescopic shock absorbers
Rear 13-leaf semi-elliptical springs invert mounted combined with heavy duty air bellows and automatic and automatic pressure control depending on load
Air-Conditioned cab behind engine, 3-seat, single curved glass windscreen, well defined instrument panel, variable speed wiper electronic speedograph with variable intensity backup light.
Frame and Bumper
Heavy duty welded frame and bumpers made of high strength structural steel channel. Well reinforced front and rear bumpers.
Unladen 15000kg
Pay load 28000kg
Gross vehicle weight 43000kg
GVW Distribution
- front

- rear

2x 17500kg
Dumper Body
Standard Wheel Base :
- 16m³ scoop type body w/o tailgate for rock and overburden removal. High
  impact and wear resistant steel floor with rock breakers and high tensile
  strength steel sides
- 12m³ ore body with tail gate and 16m³ Earth work body with tail gate
  Optional based on application
Longer Wheel Base :
- Coal Carrier with tail gate

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