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23 N 65 Tractor Specifications
Make and Model
TATRA T3 B 928-10,12667 cc, Air cooled, turbocharged, 8 cylinder V 90° with intake air intercooler
Max. Power 230 kW (308 hp) @ 2000 rpm
Max. Torque 1300 Nm @1300 rpm
Emission Euro I
MFZ Single plate clutch with diaphragm spring, hydraulic, control with pneumatic boost.
10 forward and 2 reverse gear box, synchromesh with one speed transfer gear box.
Front Swinging half axles
Rear Swinging half axles
Driving System
Rear tandem axle drive with lockable axle and interaxle differentials Disengageable front wheel drive for 6x6- optional.
Wheels and Tyres
11.00 x 20 - 16 PR on 8.00 x 20 rims. Unified lug pattern, single in front dual fitment at rear. Radial tyres - optional.


OTR mining lug tyres - optional
12.00 x 20 - 18 PR tyres - optional
Performance Characteristics
Max. Speed Km/h

77(lower speed based on terrain and tyres

Fifth Wheel JOST - 2 king pin
Max. Gradient° 11° @ GTW
Outer turning diameter, m 19m for tractor
Application Options
2-axle Tipping semi-trailer with 30m³ body for off-road haulage application
3-axle platform semi- trailer to carry 40' containers and other payloads for highway freight movement
Service Brake Pneumatic, dual circuit air operated, spring released
Parking Brake
pneumatic, air released, spring applied, hand control
Exhaust Brake Acting on the engine exhaust
Wheel Base, mm
3440 + 1320
Suspension System
Front Torsion bars with twin telescopic shock absorbers
Rear 13-leaf semi-elliptical springs invert mounted
Cab - over engine type, 2-seat, roof tiltable cover, flat wind screen, allmetal, tiltable with hand operated hydraulic pump.
Unladen 9000 kg
Pay load 23000 kg
Gross vehicle weight 32000 kg
GVW Distribution  
-front 7500kg
-rear 2x 12250kg
Gross Train Weight with trailer 65000 kg
Pump for Tipping Trailer
UN 100 Gear, pressure 18 Mpa, flow 138 lpm and displacement of 100 cc @ 2000 rpm with 1:1 PTO mounted on transmission.

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